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The Geology of the Västervik Area in south-east Sweden
- An online excursion guide based on Diploma mappings since 1994 -


This geological excursion guide with main focus on the area around Västervik in south-east Sweden has been written as a diploma thesis at the Geoscience Center of the University of Göttingen. Based on approximately 35 diploma maps at a 1:10000 scale, which have been done at the Geoscience Center of the University of Göttingen since 1994, 20 locations have been chosen from these geologic maps. They present an overview on the different and most common rock types as well as significant structural phenomenon in the Västervik area.

The field guide is available for the public and is published on the Geoscience Online Community website geoversum ( This guide is targeted at both geologists and non-geologists alike. Geologists and teachers may use this guide as a basis for their own field education. A layman may be interested in geology as a hobby.
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The Geology of the Västervik Area
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