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4. Location Index

In this chapter an assortment of worthwhile outcrops are described from the Västervik area. One criteria was to select locations where the characteristics of certain rock types or structures have the most conspicuous development. The exposures are located at the coast, in roadcuts or in quarries. Most of them are reachable with only a short walk. The parking of several cars or vans can be done on turnouts or in parkinglots, however, along the E22 highway, attention should be payed to the road traffic. The listed locations comprise a short description of the most conspicuous structures, further readings, study questions, field photos and also some photos of thin sections. For GPS users three different types of graticules are listed. One can either choose between the Gauss-Krüger German Grid, Swedish Grid (based on RT90 datum) or the international WGS 84 Grid. Please don't take any samples to ensure that the longterm quality of these exposures remain for future visitors.

Location 01 - Veined amphibolitic gneisses north of the LLDZ
Location 02 - Veined gneisses north of the LLDZ
Location 03 - Mylonites within the LLDZ
Location 04 - Blastomylonites within the LLDZ
Location 05 - Quartzites of the Västervik-Formation
Location 06 - Sedimentary dyke within granodiorite of the Loftahammar granitoids
Location 07 - Esker south of Västervik
Location 08 - Magma mixing of granodiorite and gabbro north of Händelöp
Location 09 - Synmagmatic mafic veins within granodiorite at Händelöp
Location 10 - Metasedimentary xenoliths within granite at Gunnebo
Location 11 - Pegmatite vein within the Västervik-Formation
Location 12 - Metarhyolites at Långsjön
Location 13 - Ductile shear zone / mylonites within granite
Location 14 - Småland granite at Stenbrott Edelhammar
Location 15 - Mixing of two granite varieties (Skaftet-Granite)
Location 16 - Sedimentary dyke within Småland granite
Location 17 - Basic flows within the Västervik Formation north of Skälö
Location 18 - Flecky gneisses with premetamorphic ductile shear zone and metatuffites
Location 19 - Migmatites at Blankaholm
Location 20 - Anorogenic granite of the Götemar Götemar massif


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